Client Services

Our mission at Delta Weight Management Center is to serve individuals by helping them modify their lifestyle by achieving healthy weight goals and providing them with the highest quality car.

Our Services:

B12 Injection- helps body use fat and carbohydrates as energy, helps fight fatigue

Vanquish Me- non-surgical, non-invasive body shaping; disrupts fat calls though the selective heating of adipose tissue which leads to fat cell shrinkage and elimination. No cost consultation.

Lipotropic Injection (Lipo B12)- aids in the proper breakdown of fats and helps fight fatigue

Initial Consultation- include blood work, EKG and a visit with the provider

Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL)- meal replace program with shakes, bars, and soups, provides helpful education modules

ReShape (Non-surgical weight loss procedure)- two connected saline-filled gastric balloons, made of silicone, inside stomach to take up space and allow person to fill full faster

Colon Hydrotherapy- a safe, effective method of removing waste from the colon (large intestine)

Behavior Counseling- educational session on building a healthier lifestyle

Body Composition Analysis (BCA)- a scale reading of weight, Body Mass Index, fat percentage, muscle mass

FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication- call for appointment times